Cosmetic Dermatology

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Cosmetic Dermatology services offered in Healdsburg and Santa Rosa, CA

Your skin says a lot about your health. You may benefit from cosmetic dermatology at Redwood Empire Dermatology in Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, and Oakmont, California, when you want your skin to look as young as you feel. The team includes dermatologists who specialize in cosmetic dermatology, providing a wide range of treatments to improve the look of your skin. Schedule your appointment by calling the office most convenient to you or booking online today. 

Cosmetic Dermatology Q&A

What is cosmetic dermatology?

Cosmetic dermatology is a specialized area of dermatology that focuses on the look of your skin. Skin conditions, sun exposure, and aging affect the tone and texture of your skin. Cosmetic dermatology treats these skin concerns, improving your complexion.


Since 1985, Redwood Empire Dermatology has kept those living in and around Sonoma County beautiful. The team includes dermatologists with advanced training in cosmetic dermatology treatments. 

What are some available cosmetic dermatology treatments?

Redwood Empire Dermatology offers numerous cosmetic treatments to meet a wide range of beauty needs and concerns. These include:

Intense-pulsed light (IPL) photorejuvenation

IPL photorejuvenation is a cosmetic dermatology treatment that rejuvenates the look of your skin, correcting an array of skin concerns, including lines and wrinkles, age spots, and facial imperfections.

Fractional non-ablative laser treatments

The Redwood Empire Dermatology team uses fractional non-ablative laser treatments to stimulate collagen growth, restoring your skin’s natural strength and elasticity. 


These laser treatments smooth out lines and wrinkles, tighten and lift the skin, and erase age spots. Redwood Empire Dermatology also uses this laser treatment for scars, acne scars, and stretch marks.

Dermal optical thermolysis (DOT) CO2 laser

The DOT CO2 resurfacing laser improves your skin’s tone and texture, reversing the visible signs of aging by smoothing out wrinkles, tightening the skin, and reducing the appearance of acne scars. 

Laser hair removal

Redwood Empire Dermatology offers laser hair removal treatments to eliminate unwanted hair from almost any part of the body.

Spider vein therapy

For spider vein therapy, the cosmetic dermatologists at Redwood Empire Dermatology inject a solution into the visible vein, causing the veins to close and disappear over time.


Fillers are cosmetic injections that add volume under your skin, smoothing out lines and wrinkles, plumping up thin lips, and enhancing facial features.


Botox is a cosmetic injection that temporarily smooths lines around the eyes, nose, and forehead.


Redwood Empire Dermatology also provides treatments for hair loss and benign lesion removal to minimize scarring.

Am I a candidate for cosmetic dermatology?

Call Redwood Empire Dermatology to see if you’re a candidate for one of their cosmetic dermatology treatments. The boutique practice specializes in skin care and provides many treatments to improve the look and health of your skin.


To learn more about cosmetic dermatology at Redwood Empire Dermatology, call the office nearest you or book an appointment online today.